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Natures Goodness Grain Free Lamb & Rosemary 400g x 12

Natures Goodness Grain Free Lamb & Rosemary 400g x 12

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This is a unique blend of premium meats & vegetables with no added grains. These quality ingredients combine to ensure your dog maintains a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Meats including Lamb, Chicken & Beef, vegetables including carrots, peas and potatoes, gelling agents, flavours including rosemary, vitamins & minerals, natural colour (caramel) oil.

Feeding Guide

Dog weight in kg

  • Very small (1-3kg): 150g - 350g of food per day
  • Small (3-5kg): 350g - 500g of food per day
  • Medium (5-10kg): 500 - 830g of food per day

*If this is the sole diet, an average 5 Kg adult dog will require around 1 can per day of the wet food, depending on the activity level and lifestyle of the dog, less if this is fed in combination with Natures Goodness grainfree dry food.

**Always ensure the dog has fresh, clean water available.

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