Mixed Feeding

What is Mixed feeding?

We use the term "mixed feeding" when we feed a mixture of dry, wet/canned, chilled/frozen foods and treats.

Why does mixed feeding work?

Mixed feeding ensures your pet has the variety he/she needs in the diet, to derive all of the benefits across all food types. We all agree that we would never consider eating only one type of food, so we belive that the same applies to our pets. Variety is the key to a healthy diet, maximum vitality and a long life for your pet!

Each component of the diet plays a different role:

SUSTAIN with DRY FOOD -  Quality, complete & balanced dietary base

ENHANCE with WET FOOD - Add moisture and variety of texture for your pet

CONNECT with TREATS - Engage and bond with special moments

THRIVE with CHILLED - Minimally processed canned varieties & highly digestible raw food

Raw and canned / dry foods should be fed in separate meals / mealtimes, in a clean bowl, with fresh, clean water available 24/7.

Mixed Feeding