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That’s why we’re passionate about delivering diversity and range within real food. We’re not just talking dry, wet, fresh, chilled and treats. We’re talking a wide range of ingredients, good nutrients, textures and flavours. But it doesn’t end there. We’re passionate about real partnerships, real ambition, real ethics and real commitment. So we don’t just cater for your favourite four-pawed friend, but also their vets, our community and most importantly: you.


Real means fresh ingredients. It also means fresh methods. Innovation is in our nature and we’ll never stop following our instincts. The rigours of our product development mean your pet will be able to experience real food that is healthy and simply tastes great.


Real food is what we make. But the reason we make it is love. There’s nothing like the love of our pets, so we’ve been developing the perfect recipe for wagging tails and satisfied purrs. Because we know that the real food you serve your pet, comes back to you with love and affection.


Stockman & Paddock is proud to support the Federated Farmers of New Zealand.

Real Pet Food Company will donate 5% of Federated Farmers sales in 2021 to Federated Farmers of New Zealand*

Look out for the Exclusive offers from Federated Farmers in their Rural Market Place pubilication.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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