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Fussy Cat Adult Grain Free Beef & Kangaroo with Sweet Potato 400g x 12

Fussy Cat Adult Grain Free Beef & Kangaroo with Sweet Potato 400g x 12

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Cats are the ultimate carnivore, meat eaters by nature. They crave a diet rich in meat, poultry or fish protein. Fussy Cat grainfree wet foods contain the perfect formulations to satisfy and cat's carnivorous cravings and nutritional needs.

Fussy Cat grainfree wet foods are the perfect accompaniment to the Fussy Cat grainfree dry product range - and are available in the same delicious flavours! "Grainfree" means we have not used any fillers or grains (wheat, corn or cereals) in our foods - ideal for the feline carnivorous digestion, designed for optimal health through eating meat-based proteins.

Fussy Cat grainfree is blended with additional prebiotics to help make Fussy Cat more digestible and nutritionally sound, and to keep the gut healthy to minimise stool volume and odour. Fussy Cat grainfree diets instinctively keep the cat active, alert, healthy and fit.

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Meat (Beef, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork), Chicken, Turkey, Sweet Potato, Starch, Pea Flour, Fish, Vitamins & Minerals, Oil, Gelling Agents, Flavours, Natural Colour (Caramel), Taurine.

Feeding Guide

By weight of cat

  • 1-3kg: 1/2 can per day
  • 3-5kg: 1/2 - 3/4 cans per day
  • 5-7kg: 3/4 - 1 can per day
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