About www.petfoodsales.co.nz

Real Pet Food Company brings bulk, premium pet food right to your door. This service was established in 1981, and the Home Delivery team consists of passionate pet people completely dedicated to the health and welfare of New Zealand’s cats and dogs. We provide a wide range of products tailored to our philosophy that nature knows best: we believe that by feeding our pets the type of natural, meaty diet they would eat in the wild we can help ensure they thrive.

Our different products provide a great range of different nutrients. From poultry to lamb, offal to ground-up bone, our www.petfoodsales.co.nz products are a convenient way to control the makeup of your pet’s diet. You can buy tripe on its own or purchase products that have tripe blended in with the meat already (Power Patties). Check out our range of edible bones that support dental health and that also provide a novel stimulation. If you do not feed whole edible bone to your pet but still want to supply the kind of nutrients only bone can provide, try one of our products that contain ground-up bone; they are highly digestible and very nutritious!

Our grainfree dry and canned varieties: Fussy Cat and Natures Goodness (dog) provide complete & balanced, premium pet food options that are not only naturally nourishing but also perfectly priced.

To shop online simply login to the website, browse our products and place an order.  If you have any queries give us a call on 0800 PETFOOD and speak to one of the team.  Our excellent customer service staff are here Monday–Friday to give nutritional advice, assist you with choosing products to order, and to answer any general queries.

If you are thinking about feeding your pet a natural, meaty, grainfree diet then look no further! Our quality products and convenient service make www.petfoodsales.co.nz a great way to shop for nutritious and tasty pet food. Feed your pet like the carnivore it is; they’ll love you for it!


*Auckland customers – please remember that we cannot deliver to the CBD as our truck is too large and parking is restricted. 

Phone: 0800 738 3663