Is there a minimum order I have to fulfill?

Yes – there is a minimum charge.  Please see our delivery page for information.

Why do some out-of-Auckland customers have to provide a commercial address for delivery?

As deliveries to some areas Out-of-Auckland are made by a Commercial Freight Company, they are unable to delivery to private addresses. If it is convenient, you can choose to have delivery made to one of their depots and collect from there.

What time are deliveries made?

Deliveries can be made between 7am and 5pm.  Please note we cannot guarantee the time a particular delivery will be made. Many factors can impact a delivery schedule, such as how many deliveries need to be made or even the weather.

What happens if I’m not at home when a delivery is made?

For customers that have provided a private address for delivery and you aren’t going to be available to receive an order, we ask that you give us special instructions example "leave on back deck if not home" otherwise delivery will be made the next available day in your area..

What happens if I miss the cut-off time for ordering? Can you accept late orders?

If you miss the cut-off time for a delivery day, your order will come through on the next scheduled delivery date. 

I want to feed my pet a natural meaty diet but I don’t have much time to figure out what to put in every meal. Do you have products that can be used for every meal?

We do encourage feeding a variety of product in order to provide your pets with a range of nutrients, but if you are looking for something with a little bit of everything then try the K9 Sausages or Power Patties. These include meat (chicken and lamb), offal (heart, kidney, liver and tripe) and ground-up bone. They are a great option for a highly nutritious meal.

I want to try a natural meaty diet for my pet, but I’ve heard they can be really smelly and bloody?

Good raw food shouldn’t be smelly when it is fresh. Tripe is the one offal that you will find smells the most – and many people do not like to handle it, even though it is a wonder-food for pets! If you would still like to include tripe in your pet’s diet without handling it, simply use products that already have tripe mixed in to the recipe such as our K9 Sausages or Power Patties. Good natural, meaty diets contain meat as well as all the bits and bones in between – they can contain blood (which is very nutritious for our pets) and this can make products a bit ‘juicy’. Moisture is a very important part of a natural diet, but some people don’t like to deal with this. If you are worried about mess when you are feeding a natural meaty diet, try frozen products instead. Our frozen products come packaged in individual bags of either one or two kilos, and you simply have to defrost them in a container in the fridge the day before you want to feed them out.

We cook meat when we eat it ourselves – do I need to cook my pet’s food?

Cats and dogs are made to eat fresh, raw meat – just like they do in the wild. Cooking actually destroys many of the very important nutrients that make a raw diet so good. We do not suggest cooking meat before feeding it to pets.

Do you use preservative in your products?

All of our frozen products are 100% preservative-free. Fresh product does contain a small amount of preservative to ensure shelf life.

I have heard that feeding bones is dangerous – is this true?

In the wild, cats and dogs will eat the entire body of an animal they have hunted – including bones. Problems tend to arise when we cook bones for our pets; cooking bones makes them brittle, and means they can splinter easily in the mouth, throat or gut. Feed bones raw to your pets. The purpose of feeding bones is to give your pet something it can chew. Feed ‘size-appropriate’ bones to your pets; that means large bones (e.g. Veal Bones) to larger dogs, and small bones (e.g. Chicken Necks) to small breed dogs and cats. Just like with raw hide of chew toys we encourage supervision when feeding bones of any type.

If I feed a natural, meaty diet to my pet will it make them more aggressive?

Feeding a diet of already prepared raw food will not turn an animal aggressive to people or other animals

If I feed just meat is this enough for my pet? Do I need to feed anything else?

In the wild cats and dogs will eat the entire body of an animal they have hunted – including offal and bone. Feeding meat by itself is not enough to provide all the nutrients required for a ‘completely and balanced’ diet – you need to include meat, bone and offal. We suggest a ratio of about: • 70-80% meat, • 10-15% offal, • 10-15% bone. You do not need to provide all of these elements in every meal; instead try to achieve a balance over time (e.g. over about a week). Provide a few meals a week that include offal, a bone every day or two or a product that includes ground-up bone.