Veal Bone Offcuts 10kg

Smaller pieces of our Veal Bones.
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Has your dog tried our delicious Veal Bones? For a limited time we are offering Veal Bone Offcuts – fresh, soft titbits of bone that can be used as quick treats. These small pieces of bone measure between 10-30mm at their widest ends.  Veal bones have a honeycomb structure that means they collapse around teeth as they are crunched and chewed, providing dental benefits as well as entertainment.  Preservative free.

Veal Bone Offcuts are delivered frozen only, in a 10kg carton (2 x 5kg bags). These bones are not free-flowing - partially defrost them to break them up, refreeze them, then feed them within 1-2 days after being thawed a second time.

Carton Dimensions:  H 190mm x W 450mm x D 303mm

Not recommended as a sole diet.


For dogs. Provide as a treat only.

Always supervise your pets when feeding bones of any kind.

Only feed raw - never cook bones of any type.

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