Lia Loves Home Delivery


Lia is now a bouncing energetic fun ball since we changed to your Chicken Mince. We have just ordered Chicken Necks as her treats. Her scratching has also reduced considerably, which is why we bought it in the 1st place.

Gordon from Christchurch

Ashar & Phoebe LOVE Home Delivery


Ashar & Phoebe

Ashar and Phoebe love Home Delivery food because they get so much energy and health from the products.  No problems jogging the beach most days!

Deborah from Ruawai

Toby loves his raw meat!


Toby, a Labrador/English Springer Spaniel cross, has been raised on a raw meat diet supplied by Home Delivery since a pup.  He loves it and has thrived on it, with a glossy coat and healthy body the result!

Sharon from Taupo

Excellent Customer Service

You guys continue to offer great customer service! Thank You


Great service!

Can I say what great service this is! Easy user-friendly website, pleasant follow-up call and a super quick delivery from a very nice delivery man!!! I really appreciate the ease of this and look forward to our next order. Our little Stafford Niva is going to LOVE her Meals and snacks! Thank you again!!!!


Sasha loves Home Delivery

We have been feeding our dog Home Delivery raw meat for about a year now. Prior to that she was still a puppy and we had to make the decision what we would feed her for the rest of her life. After a lot of research done we decided to go with this brand and I can confidently say I don't think we will ever change. Her coat is always extremely shiny and soft, the vet compliments on how nice her teeth and gums are and we believe it's thanks to the raw meat diet. I don't think I could ever let her have a meal of biscuits as they seem to come out as they went in. Home Delivery food definitely does wonders for our fur-baby and we couldn't be happier with the service. Also every delivery she just goes nuts for it as she knows its more food for her.

Celeste, Auckland

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