Steak 'n' Kidney 10kg

A tasty blend of lean beef and kidney that both cats and dogs love.
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Home Delivery Steak 'N' Kidney is made from a blend of lean beef and kidney, with small amounts of hypoallergenic kangaroo meat. This product is ideal for owners who want to include some offal in their pets' diets. Kidney is a high-protein, low-fat organ rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Beef provides quality protein and amino acids such as taurine, and with a high moisture content this product also helps to keep the body hydrated. 100% preservative free.

Home Delivery Steak 'N' Kidney is delivered frozen only, in a 10kg carton (split into 10 x tubes)
Carton Dimensions:  H 103mm x W 450mm x D 303mm
Not recommended as a sole diet.

Kidney, beef and kangaroo.

Meat ≅ 70%
Offal ≅ 30%
Bone ≅ 0%

 Suggested daily
feed amount (grams)
 2.5kg 100
 5kg 250
10kg 420
 15kg 550
 20kg 700
 30kg 1000
 40kg 1200
 Suggested daily
feed amount (grams)
 3kg 150
 4kg 180
5kg 200
 6kg 220
 7kg 230
*This is a general guide only. Animals may need less or more food depending on activity levels, life stage and body condition.
**Not recommended as a sole diet.
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