Minced Heart - 10 x 1kg

High in taurine, vitamins and amino acids.
Home Delivery Minced Heart is made from beef or mutton heart. Minced through a medium-sized plate, this is a great product for pet owners who want to control the amount of offal in their pets' diets themselves. Heart is full of vitamins, amino acids (such as taurine, the cat's best friend!) and essential fatty acids. Minced Heart has a high moisture content, and helps to keep the body hydrated.  Preservative free.
Home Delivery Minced Heart is delivered frozen only, in a 10kg carton (10 x 1kg tubes)

Carton Dimensions:  H 103mm x W 450mm x D 303mm
Not recommended as a sole diet.

Beef or mutton heart.

Meat ≅ 0%

Offal ≅ 100%

Bone ≅ 0%

Include 10-15% offal in your pet's diet.

Do not feed as a sole diet.

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