Mammoth Ice Box 100l

Mammoth Ice Box 100 litres Simple, Re-useable, Food Safe, Portable with large screw-in bung for easy cleaning.
Delivery date: 3-5 days

The Mammoth Ice Box is the ideal receptacle for your frozen deliveries. Leave it on your porch in the shade or at your delivery point into which our distributor can place your frozen pet food. Your frozen pet food will stay frozen for up to 9 hours (in the shade) - [at 15 deg centigrade the product temperature rises from -12 deg to -6 deg over a 9 hour period]

Made from LDPE and Injected foam

External Measurements 815 x 480 x 475H mm

Internal Measurements 680 x 390 x 380H mm

Capacity 100 litres - will take 2 x 20kg cartons

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