Horse & Mutton Rolls 20kg

A hypoallergenic product great for dogs.
Home Delivery Horse & Mutton Rolls are a hypoallergenic blend of lean horse and chunky mutton, as well as a small amount of added heart for extra nutrition. If you have a dog prone to skin allergies this is a great product to try. These rolls are high in natural oils for a shiny coat and contain anti-inflammatory properties to help heal damaged skin. They also have a high moisture content to keep the body hydrated. 100% preservative free.
Home Delivery Horse & Mutton Rolls are delivered frozen only, in a 20kg carton (split into 10 x tubes).
Carton Dimensions:  H 190mm x W 450mm x D 303mm
Not recommended as a sole diet.

Horse, mutton and heart (sheep).

Meat ≅ 85%
Offal ≅ 15%
Bone = 0%

 Suggested daily
feed amount (grams)
 2.5kg 150
 5kg 250
10kg 420
 15kg 550
 20kg 700
 30kg 950
 40kg 1100
*This is a general guide only. Animals may need less or more food depending on activity levels, life stage and body condition.
**Not recommended as a sole diet.
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