Chicken Necks - 10 x 2kg

These bones are great for small dogs and all cats.

Home Delivery Chicken Necks can be fed to both cats and small dogs – they are a great way to maintain good dental health while providing your animal with exercise, entertainment and nutrient-rich meat. Chicken is full of essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and help give a shiny coat. Bones promote crunching and chewing for dental hygiene and exercising the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles.  Chicken necks have skin on and are preservative free.

Home Delivery Chicken Necks are delivered frozen only, in a 20kg carton.  (10 x 2kg bags)

Carton Dimensions:  H 190mm x W 450mm x D 303mm

Not recommended as a sole diet.


For all cats, and small dogs under about 6kg. Provide raw once daily or every second day.

Always supervise your pets when feeding bones of any kind.

Only feed raw - never cook bones of any type.

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