Brisket Bones 10kg

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Home Delivery Brisket Bones are a great way to maintain good dental health while providing your dog with exercise and entertainment. Bones are naturally full of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support, as well as essential calcium and phosphorus. Chewing and crunching bones helps clean the teeth and gums while exercising the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles.

Home Delivery Brisket Bones are delivered frozen only and come in 10kg packs. These bones are not free-flowing - partially defrost them to break them up, refreeze them, then feed them within 1-2 days after being thawed a second time.

Carton Dimensions:  H 190mm x W 450mm x D 303mm

Not recommended as a sole diet.


For dogs over 6kg. Provide a raw bone every day or second day for optimal dental health.

Always supervise your pets when feeding bones of any kind.

Only feed raw - never cook bones of any type.

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